HarvestCall Outreach

The HarvestCall Distribution Center is supported by the Rittman, Smithville, Akron, and Mansfield Apostolic Christian congregations.

The Rittman Distribution Center is one of six HarvestCall distribution centers*. Our local center receives material donations from individuals and corporations, including food products, medical supplies, clothing, and household items. Donated items are sorted and packed for distribution. The center also produces or assembles products such as health and school kits, packaged meals, and canned meat. Items donated or assembled at the center find their way to those in need locally, nationally, and internationally.

Meat Canning

In a typical year, two meat canning* sessions occur. Each session will see approximately 34,000 pounds of raw meat, usually turkey or pork, processed into some 20,000 28 oz. cans of USDA approved product.

Packaged Meals

The packaged meal program* provides 5 and 10 meal bags of Vegetable Barley Soup and Rice Pilaf for distribution to disaster areas, local food pantries, and on overseas shipments.

Local Food Distribution

Many pallets of food are distributed locally through food pantries and other relief organizations. This food includes items that have been packaged at the center as well as food that has been donated by corporations.

Sewing Projects

The Rittman Center also includes a sewing room. Sewing projects were the foundational motivation of World Relief since its inception and continue to reflect the core values of Apostolic Christian HarvestCall.

Distribution Center Location

10155 Pleasant Home Rd
Sterling, OH 44276

*Note:  Link takes you to the national HarvestCall website